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IT Development


TOP ECONOMY provides professional services to clients all over the world. We offer IT Development, the establishment and sale of offshore banking and investment companies, we mediate business and services, we supply technology and goods, and we provide advice in the field of finance, business and marketing.

The satisfaction of our clients comes first and that is why we are a partner who will always stand by your side.

IT Development

We offer professional services in the field of software development and programming, including applications.

  E-Sale software and applications | Individual eshops | Discount voucher sales | Advertising software
  Promo & representation software | Individual corporate websites | Project webs | Personal websites
  Special internal corporate systems | Software for managing the execution of orders and human resources
  Banking & Investment systems | Client management | Client accounts | Investment instruments
  Web & Email hosting services | Complete management and monitoring of your online projects

Development of professional sales and presentation systems to present your company and sell goods and services to third parties.


Special corporate internal systems, including banking and investment software for selling investment instruments and services to third parties.

IT Development - FAQ

Frequently asked questions and answers about the services which TOP ECONOMY provide.

  • What is the process of individual software creation?
    Once the client tells us their software needs and requirements, we create a solution proposal, including a price quote. After the client approves the solution proposal and signs the contract, we start creating immediately.
  • How long does software development take?
    Since our company has many years of experience in software development, we can create some scripts very quickly, but individual software always takes time and it also depends on the client how much time it takes to test the software.
  • How much does software development cost?
    Software development prices depend on several factors. What is the benefit for the client, the client's creditworthiness and also the time required for development. Prices start at 99 EUR/Hour.
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