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Intermediation of Trade & Services


TOP ECONOMY provides professional services to clients all over the world. We offer IT Development, the establishment and sale of offshore banking and investment companies, we mediate business and services, we supply technology and goods, and we provide advice in the field of finance, business and marketing.

The satisfaction of our clients comes first and that is why we are a partner who will always stand by your side.

Intermediation of Trade & Services

We provide our clients with sales for their goods and services all over the world.

  Sales of your goods | We will ensure the sale of your goods all over the world
  Sales of your services | We will secure applicants for your services for a commission

Sales of your Goods under the best conditions on the world market.


Sales of your Services under the best conditions on the world market.

Mediation of Trade & Services - FAQ

Frequently asked questions and answers about the services which TOP ECONOMY provide.

  • What is the limitation on the mediation of treade and services?
    Our company strictly adheres to all international agreements and contracts, including any embargo on certain commodities. Otherwise, the mediation of trade and services is not limited in any way.
  • How long does it take to find customer and carry out the trade?
    This always depends on the nature of the trade, volume, dimensions and place of delivery. We use all options of international transport in order to speed up deliveries and with regard to the minimum cost of transport and maximum profit for our client.
  • How much is our commissions?
    Our commissions are dependent on the volume of deliveries, the nature of the trade or services, as well as our contribution. Of course, we know the market research and we know what the selling prices are. Minimum commission is 15%.
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